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  1. So let me see if I got this right….BO can’t stand the heat in the kitchen so he travels clear across the country to get away from the finger pointing and then declares he will take the blame!!! What a freakin A$$!!!! The coach from Duke even told the press that Obama needs to concentrate on the economy and less on his basketball brackets!! Yeah….you got that right Mike!!!

  2. I empathize with the wilderness you are currently in – it may be that you are trying too hard for too much and too soon and as a result missing what is on offer from your therapist -between the lines. My advice is go easy on yourself-continue the journey (putting expectation aside) and you may be surprised by what positives to will begin to receive.

  3. I find I have so many ideas for series, I do a post intending to write several more, then get sidetracked chasing posts that feel more “timely”. Example – I need to finish a series on “Barriers to Worship” (the follow-ups are started but not finished). I will also do a series on “biblical foundations of worship” but I want to call it something more interesting than that.

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